About Us

We'll help your company take all the right steps to grow

Strategic alignment is essential toward a focused approach in moving forward with any organization’s initiatives. Without having such purpose organizations focus on specific objectives in the moment without recognizing the interrelationship and integration of work performed across the entire organization. As such, companies spend much time, effort, and energy working on isolated action steps with no common purpose and in turn expend a great deal of human resource effort to get this work done. 

With more than a combined 35 years of human resource experience, UPS is a unique Consultancy firm with the expertise to assist with human capital needs in many ways. Specifically, the skills and expertise of the staff have top level executive experience and recognize how to analyze, assess, recommend and assist in implementing change strategies when needed to support organizations within their human resource services and how to align these strategies to established goals. UPS is a consultant company designed to meet the various needs of any organization. UPS provides an array of services to meet your organization's needs from developing employees; enhancing recruitment and selection processes; organizing or restructuring a human resource department; conducting investigations; negotiation, mediation, or; providing professional development services to enhance employee performance. 

Our Objectives

When people with unique perspectives work together to achieve common goals

  UPS offers a broad selection of human resource services ranging from recruitment to onboarding, investigations, negotiations, mediation, marketing and branding. These services as well as many others offered by UPS addresses critical areas in maintaining a well-positioned and structured organization. Most important, UPS understands that in order for an organization to maintain viability, over time, insight into cutting edge approaches and systemic changes that occur across communities from a local to a global perspective is essential. Because those who are working within the organization are focused on the day to day operations and responsibilities in moving the organization forward the ability to address how an organization is operating holistically may not be easy to identify or assess. 

This is what we do for you. UPS provides neutral, third-party insight and support to assist the organization in recognizing new cutting-edge approaches to embark on change strategies or other human resource areas that allow staff to continue in their efforts to move the organization forward and not be stalled in addressing the various areas that can be time consuming and fall outside the scope of the work employees are engaged. 

Our Commitment to YOU

Ready for any or all of today's workplace challenges

 In the 21st Century, staying current and relevant is an endless struggle, yet no matter the times, UPPS recognizes people are the most valuable asset of any organization. This asset is more valuable than technology that provides social media, advertisement, marketing or any other area an organization relies to sustain itself. It takes the people on the inside to make the difference in building and creating innovative and sustaining ideas in the continuous effort to support the mission of the organization.

In this effort UPS recognizes there are many tasks needed to support an organization. This is where the services we offer can provide support to any organization to further the strategic goals, mission and vision so that it may continue to strive to further its objectives.